AH+RT Offers Courses in the Following Training Programs

Helicopter Search + Fire Rescue Training

  • Helicopter Awareness + Ground School
  • Helicopter (Land or Water) Operations/Level 1
    (Under water egress + HEEDS, Short Haul, Hoist)
  • Helicopter (Land or Water) Technician/Level 2
    (Rappelling, Fast Roping + Skid deployments)
  • Helicopter Firefighting Operations
  • Helicopter Night Vision Goggles Operations
  • Helicopter Vertical Reference Operations

Tactical Helicopter Special Operations Training

  • Hover Step Insertion and Extraction
  • Toe-in Insertion and Extraction
  • Helo-Casting
  • Rappel Insertion
  • SPIES (Special Patrol Infiltration/Exfiltration System)
  • Tactical Air Support

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